Twitter Updates for 2007-11-24
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  • Thinking about going shopping (need new jeans) but am dreading the crowds. Any chance people are done ravaging the stores yet?
  • @omnivector Bleh!! Guess I might wait till tomorrow. :(
  • Mall busy? Not so bad. Lines for the fitting rooms? Horrid!!
  • Just spent way too much on clothes! Lesson learned, never take a woman shopping or you will go home with a lot of clothes.
  • You know its sad when you are laying in bed at 3am in the morning making out a grocery shopping list on your iPhone’s notepad.
  • Even more sad that you felt the impulsive need to tell the world via twitter afterwards. I am a total geek… :(
  • Fixing to have eggs benedict. Been waiting on a table for a while, they better not for their sake try and pull out the 11am cutoff.
  • Just washed my filthy car, now on my way to Oakland airport to pick up James and his girlfriend.
  • iPhone is acting screwy. Just got to Oakland. Airport for the first time, can’t say I was missing much never coming here before.

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