Twitter Updates for 2007-11-23
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  • Bored… Tired of watching movies already and nothing else seems even remotely interesting at the moment.
  • T-Minus 5 hours until the Apple sale. Wonder if anything will be worth buying.
  • Always amazes me how I can be looking up something on Wikipedia and end up on so vastly a different topic.
  • Tonight’s example? Competing DVD format (DIVX) leads me to baseband pulse-applitude modulation.
  • Help! Help! I’ve fallen into Wikipedia and can’t get out!!!!
  • Why on earth am I now reading about linear feedback shift registers? This knowledge simply can’t be useful.
  • Godaddy just spammed the hell out of ne with domain csncelation notices for domains I canceled two months ago.
  • Over twenty freaking emails, one domain per email.
  • Apple store is down for update… just a few more minutes!
  • Can Apple ever do anything right and on time the first time? Jeez!
  • 20% discount on Airport Extreme… Almost 13% on iMacs… Almost 14% on Mac Books… not bad I guess

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