Twitter Updates for 2007-11-22
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  • yeah! I am only 84% addicted…
  • and apparently 98% alcoholic…
  • And only 83% geek… woot!
  • Internet Quiz (same site) 93% – 62% addicted to blogging (big surprise there, wonder why it’s so high).
  • Damn… I so should have done better than 56 html elements. I forgot stupid shit like center and br and label… lame…
  • And finally 58 CSS properties. Time to get off this site. Good thing they don’t have a test on how addicted you are to pointless quizzes.
  • Hint on the CSS quiz…. border-* is a gold mine.
  • Yeah! Finally everyone left for the day. I have the office all to myself. Now to crack open a soda, crank up the toons, and get stuff done!
  • Just turned off alarm clock. For the next four days I wake up when I wake up.
  • Begrudging just turned my heater on the first time since last February. Came home to a 54 degree apartment. Brrrr…
  • Happy Thanksgiving. Way to much to be thankful for to put in a tweet, so maybe I will need to do a real blog post.

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