Twitter Updates for 2007-11-21
Category: Twitter

  • Debating on whether I should wait another 58.2 mins for the lights to turn off automatically or not be lazy and get up and turn them off.
  • What I wouldn’t do for a hard drive with write speeds equivalent to an L1 cache.
  • Either my clock is off or the lights are late tonight… :(
  • Experimental cooking (be sure and read the description)
  • hdiutil is taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to resize a sparseimage. Scheisse!!
  • Backing up 157GB of data @ 4MB/sec… hrmmm… 11 hours?? WTF! I am going home!
  • Immensely frustrated with the shear ignorance and stupidity of bank of America. Time to stop by star one credit union I guess.

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