Twitter Updates for 2007-11-19
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  • Can you imagine going 0-60mph in 1.14 seconds? Then imagine again doing it all electric? WOW!! (
  • Been researching PHEV conversions for Priuses and stumbled across that kick ass bike.
  • Decisions decisions… do I eat at Subway again today for the 4th time in a week or do I actually break down and go to the store? hmmm…
  • "If guns kill people, then I can blame my spelling mistakes on my pencil", Larry the cable guy. He may play a moron, but dem some smarts …
  • Drawback to losing weight? I literally own over ten pairs of jeans which fall right off if I am not wearing a belt.
  • @tychay you saying my old ones weren’t nice, or just saying they will be cheaper now since there is less material?
  • @evilcindy Such an awesome movie too!
  • @evilcindy another good movie which has amazing shots of SF in it is "Just Like Heaven". I’d sell my soul for an apt view like that.
  • Old Yahoo! sign circa 2000.
  • Bank of America has a new iPhone specific UI. To bad its only the home page and the location finder and not the account pages too.

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