Twitter Updates for 2007-11-17
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  • Great movie line, Him: "If I don’t come back tell my mother I love her" Her: "But your mother is dead" Him: "Ok, I’ll tell her myself then"
  • Just got home from seeing No Country for Old Men. Good Coen flick as expected. Now fixing to eat and watch Shine.
  • WTF! Had a friend call at 5 freaking am on a caturday just to chat (not drunk dialing either). Pay back is a bitch!
  • (will be for him that is)
  • I canz go back to sleepz now. kthxbai!
  • Just finished watching a very dramatic movie, The Lives of Others. Its no wonder it won an Oscar.
  • Yet another good movie, Perfect Stranger. Ok, time to quit being lazy at the TV and get something done.

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