Twitter Updates for 2007-11-11
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  • Took a short afternoon nap, back to reading a book. Glad I forced myself to only those two options today.
  • Debating on what to do tonight though. Ideas anyone?
  • Just picked this up on amazon per advice of @jstanden curious how it is..
  • Just realized after using it the sink in the spare bathroom is broke. Can’t seem to get it to stop dripping so just shut off the cold su …
  • Just did a quick inventory, got 13 different wines, 11 different beers, and 32 different spirits/liquers. Guess I need to throw a party!!
  • An hour ago I was so cold I felt like a polar bear. After cleaning for the past hour I am tempted to turn on a/c.
  • Is it weird I am willing to turn on the a/c but not the heater?
  • Thinking about repainting my living room but not sure I will like the color. Tempted to use by camera and photoshop to find out.
  • When you find eight year old laptops crammed in the corner of your home office you know you are a packrat.
  • @tychay what part of the city? north beach?
  • Currently reading again. Thinking about heading out soon though.
  • @omnivector got any particular place in mind?
  • I love fabric stores. Just picked up five new portrait back drops for less than $50 with tax.

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