Twitter Updates for 2007-11-10
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  • @omnivector left yet?
  • What’s missing from Dice? The ability to write PHP code for their ads?
  • If you watch closely, you will see $ signs appear everywhere they should be, _except_ in front of the very first format =
  • Apparently they ran out of dollars before they ad was finished.
  • Started using the tracking feature in twitter today, wondering if I should now upgrade from 2,000 smses to unlimited.
  • My boss just found it humorous I was telling him he should go home as I was walking out the door instead of the other way around.
  • @arlo the apps I want exist for the most is why I jailbreaked mine.
  • @arlo iflickr, terminal, ssh client, IM client, rss reader, and a game or two for when I am seriously bored.
  • Rapsody free trial with iTunes wifi store on a nearby iPhone is a bad combo. Already bought several songs in under a half hour of listening.
  • I have to admit though, rapsody on the TiVo combined with a good book makes for an enjoyable evening.
  • @jstanden Not even heard of them. Will have to look it up when I allow myself to touch a computer and/or get on the net.
  • @jstanden and I just happen to have another 30% off coupon for Borders. :) To bad I just spent $200 there tonight. Guess books are alway …
  • The twitter tracking feature feels a bit powerful. Almost like I am spying on other people’s lives.
  • Been trying to hold out as long as possible on turning on my heater this year, but not sure how much longer I can hold out.

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