Twitter Updates for 2007-11-03
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  • Waiting at @omnivector house wishing he would hurry his ass up and get back here.
  • Hey city people, how’s the fog in the city tonight? Clear skies by chance?
  • There is something wrong with you when you blow off hanging out with good friends to go take photos with a new camera lens.
  • Weather forecasters and I obviosly have vastly differing opinions of what constitutes clear skies.
  • Just yodelblasted a crowd of people at 17th and mission. Several yodeled back at me.
  • I think my car’s GPS got a contact high from all the weed smokers on twin peaks. It showed me driving across water a long ways off the b …
  • Just shot a ton of badass photos from treasure island.
  • The 101 is gridlocked at midnight. WTF!
  • Just finished season one of numb3rs off amazon unbox.

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