Twitter Updates for 2007-10-17
Category: Twitter

  • After driving a Prius around the past two days, I am close to thinking it might become my next car purchase.
  • Interesting day…
  • On board ultra cramped horizon flight.
  • This airline doesn’t live up to their supposed heritage I read in a magazine article yesterday.
  • Dear god, you know you are on a ghetto flight when the pilot asks people to move to the back to balance out the plane.
  • Man it’s annoying when you order something on a weekend and it’s not scheduled for delivery until a week from the following tuesday (9 days)
  • I know I have ranted this before, but why oh why can’t Amazon sell everything I would ever want/need to buy online? Or everyone be like them
  • I don’t want to get up yet. Mommy can I sleep for five more minutes?

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