Twitter Updates for 2007-10-05
Category: Twitter

  • Goofing off in pink…
  • Just leaving musson theatrical
  • Another woot off going on… mmmmuuuussssstttt sttttaaaayyyy awwwwwaayyyyy…
  • It’s sad when you get plugged in an article in reference to an article you wrote two years ago about email synchronization. http://tinyu
  • Pathetic nothing has changed/improved since then. People are still stuck with my hack article or IMAP. Shitty options to a simple problem.
  • @Arlo where is this?
  • @tychay Definitely not a happy Friday for me… booo!
  • @tychay nope. Barely did any photos today ya ass.
  • @tychay If I was shooting photos I wouldn’t be complaining.

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