Twitter Updates for 2007-09-29
Category: Twitter

  • SF Beta photos
  • Not only does @tychay tag, he comments too!
  • @arlo Totally DRM free (assume so since you said MP3)? How much did it cost?
  • First batch of vacay photos going up to Flickr now. To bad I have like 15 more sets to whitebalance, update metainfo on, and then upload.
  • I think this is the lowest count of buddies online on Y! messenger I have ever seen. Only 53 people online.
  • Outside of messenger outages of course.
  • Finished uploading all the photos taken using my mother’s dive camera. Time to start on my father’s.
  • Getting a hair cut and then heading to city.
  • Fresh hair cut, belly full of boba, now on way to city.
  • (Autoreply) New web msgr launched, now with SMS and click2chat support!
  • Wanna see crystal method tonight? Call me!

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