Twitter Updates for 2007-09-18
Category: Twitter

  • QOTD: "I hate these situations as talking to women involves a Diffie-Hellman key exchange where God forgot to clue me in on the shared s …
  • ROFLMAO @tychay
  • How damn lame can Apple be sometimes… "Aperture does not support networked vaults. Please select a directly attached storage device"
  • Jobs, how about pulling your head out of your ass and kicking the Aperture team into making a decent product before I switch to Lightroom
  • @arlo no surprise. If only Lightroom had a reasonable UI I would have jumped ship eons ago.
  • Off to fire up IE so I can place an order for Lightroom. Man our software ordering system sucks.
  • @arlo Is there any light at the end of the dark Aperture tunnel, or will the product perpetually suck until it eventually gets dropped?

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