Twitter Updates for 2007-08-30
Category: Twitter

  • It’s amazing how sharp a display looks when you properly color calibrate it with a calibration tool.
  • MobileTwitterific for the iPhone looks kewl. Now if only I could use it to post to twitter too.
  • @omnivector For what it does, it works good for me. Shows display image, gives a decent length of past entries, and runs in the background.
  • Seems to also have a decently fast polling rate.
  • I’m glad to see it keeps pulling even when the phone is asleep. Gives me more hope that a decent IM client will work.
  • Apologize for the flood of updates, but man I am tickled now. The source code is available. Just what I needed for some holiday weekend fun.
  • @Arlo WTF? No!!!!!!
  • Just broke 60 thousand image views on Flickr today… WOOT!

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