Twitter Updates for 2007-08-29
Category: Twitter

  • The things we do for friends… :( Far to dang early for civilized folk to be awake.
  • Want free pastries, odwalla orange juice, or other goodies? Come to the Mnt. View Caltrain station.
  • Or even if you just want to see my car (with new tires) in all it’s yodelly yumminess. We are going to try and get it up on the sidewalk too
  • The early days of Yahoo! Mail…
  • @Arlo I haven’t had much trouble with it on my G4 Powerbook. Of course I don’t use that machine as my daily regular use laptop either.
  • @tychay because they suck
  • Just finished unboxing my bees… man I wish I had time to give them a whirl at the moment.

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