Twitter Updates for 2007-08-20
Category: Twitter

  • /me shakes an angry fist at Hurricane Dean. You mess with my vacation at your own peril Mother Nature.
  • YEAH! Cayman’s were spared! (and twitter sucks on it’s tinyurls, had to do that one manually)
  • Why is it so many apps feel that a comma is not a valid character in a URL (including twitter)?
  • ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) is so damn kewl. Man Microsoft could learn a thing or two about remote terminal connections from Apple.
  • WTF is up with Safari today… second time it has pinwheeled itself to death. This time without ever debugging a flash app.
  • When twitter works, man you gotta love it. Post a rant about Safari and get an IM from a friend on the Apple dev team within 60 seconds. :P

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