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Posted in Blog on May 11, 2008

EcoBalls — Are they for real?

While in London last weekend I stumbled across an interesting laundry detergent alternative called EcoBalls. They are these green UFOish shaped balls with pellets inside. Not hearing of them before and being skeptical, I decided to hold off buying them, especially at £35. Doing a bit of ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on February 20, 2008

Camera Bags

Reading Terry Chay’s recent blog post about camera/laptop bags, it made me start thinking about my own camera gear a bit. I’ve been long hunting the “best” camera bag for a long time and have unfortunately found such a thing doesn’t exist or I am looking in th ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on February 17, 2008

Tea anyone?

As many of my friends know, I am an avid tea drinker. In fact, I don’t think there is a type of tea I don’t like. While waiting on the Apple store guys to put RAM in the Mac Mini I bought today, I went walking around the mall. Near the Apple store I was strangely drawn to this ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on December 11, 2007

I see you eyeing my Eye-Fi…

Last Friday a coworker brought around an Eye-Fi to show it off. After seeing how simple, elegant, and fast it was unfortunately the desire to have one overpowered me and I caved to the pressure. I mean heck, they are only $99 so why not give it a shot, right? Unfortunately when everyone el ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 10, 2004

Movie: Collateral

Tonight I was sucked into going out and seeing what I concidered a rather poor movie. The movie is called Collateral and stars Jamie Fox and Tom Cruise. I won’t go into enough detail to ruin the movie for you, but my complaints are as follows: There wasn’t really much to the s ... Continue Reading