Installing Final Cut Pro Studio 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
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$ sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio/Installer/FinalCutStudio.mpkg -target /

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For details on the exact cause and an easier workaround than below, click here to see my blog post with technical details on the how / why Final Cut Studio HD2 is being blocked from install without Rosetta.

Trying to reinstall Final Cut Pro Studio 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion today, I ran into this seemingly impenetrable road block:

Of course my initial reaction was to scream, curse, and rant on Twitter. After calming down, I decided to do a Google search as obviously I couldn’t be the only one running into this problem before. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, I found a ton of links of people who thought they knew the answer (but ultimately were clueless), saying it just flat out wasn’t supported and there wasn’t any solution.

Thankfully I stumbled across this blog post describing how to install FCS2 using Rosetta from a 10.6 disc. I questioned it’s accuracy because I knew Lion removed PPC support, but figured it was worth a shot. Unfortunately opening my Snow Leopard box I found the disc was missing as apparently I didn’t put it back away properly last time. Scrounging all over the house, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Doing a deep dive across the web, I wasn’t able to find a single URL (outside sketchy file download services) anywhere that I could download it either.

Back at square one again, I started thinking to myself “there’s gotta be some flag or something that’s preventing it as all the binaries are universal”, yet trying everything I could think of for search terms was proving to be fruitless. Then it dawned on me, “what if I try installing via the command line?” Low and behold, that was the magic sauce that did the trick. Apparently running `installer` via a shell works perfectly!

To get going, fire up Terminal and enter this at the command prompt:

$ sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio/Installer/FinalCutStudio.mpkg -target /

When running the installer, you’ll see a bunch of messages like this:

But those are expected and not an issue. The install takes a while and you won’t see any graphical progress, but ultimately you’ll see this:

installer: The install was successful.

At that point, you are all set!



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241 Responses to “Installing Final Cut Pro Studio 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)”

  1. tiffany says:

    After typing:

    sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio/Installer/Final\ Cut\ Studio.mpkg -target /

    the following message appeared:

    installer: Error – Your computer does not have the hardware required to run this software. See the Read Me for details.

    Any idea if there is still a way to install my older version of FCP on my Maverick running mac?

    Mac Pro running Mavericks 10.9.5
    Final cut pro 5 studio V1.0.1 (2005)

  2. Ben U says:

    Worked on Mountain Lion as well for FCP Studio 2.

    This method is so much more elegant than the other solutions out there. I hope the estranged FCP community makes a monument in your name! Or something!

  3. Bradley says:

    Bravo Jeremy! Thanks for this post. Here I am in December of 2015 trying to install Final Cut Pro 7 (from a Final Cut Studio 5.1 disk) on a Macbook running OSX 10.8.5 and your instructions for installing FCP from the line command worked perfectly. I’m up and running with no issues. Thanks!

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