Leaping squirrels, facing fears, and knowing everything will be ok!
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It’s very interesting the odd things which help you confirm you know you have made the right choice on a decision, but before I get to that, first a bit of back story.

Leaping squirrel

I’ve been collecting advice and been thinking about something for over two years now. I’ve thought so much about it, I’ve come full circle multiple times, yet never actually made a decision and moved on. Anyone who knows me knows that’s not my style at all. I make quick (sometimes brash, but hopefully not often) decisions and adjust as needed afterwards.

That short somewhat ambiguous back history is what brings me to my odd story from this morning. As I was pulling out of my apartment complex on my way to work, I saw a squirrel running across the top of the gate. As I pulled up, the gate started to open and rather than turn back, the squirrel ran faster and leaped as I’m sure it’s done before. Unfortunately today the distance was too far, and (s)he fell to the ground. Did this squirrel stay down? Nope, it got up, ran to the other end of the entrance and scurried up the wall to where it was originally headed.

The thought I had seeing this was that despite the squirrel making a seemingly big leap and failing, it still was able to carry on after failing. I think when we worry to much about a decision rather than just making it, we can lose sight of the fact that failing isn’t always _that_ bad a thing if in the unfortunate event it does happen. Sure, I’ll bet it hurt a little to the squirrel and was an inconvenience, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t that bad.

As such, I’m glad I finally made the figurative “leap” this weekend and am hopefully back to my old self of always making smart quick decisions about my future, but willing to take a bit of calculated risks when necessary rather than living in fear of the “what ifs” and “shoulda woulda couldas”. I don’t need to run off to foreign countries and bungee jump off the side of sky scrapers (yes, I did that last year crazily enough) to remind myself I can face my fears, I can do it everyday here at home making the decisions I know I need to make rather than hiding from them.

The next time you’re in a similar situation, remember to be like the squirrel and just leap! :)

Photo courtesy of: Ed Sweeny via Flickr.

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