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One of the several things I love about using Apple computers is the fact in general, when I set out to do some project, things just work as planned (not sure if Apple deserves credit in all cases though). This is definitely not always the case, as evidenced by some of my angry tweets in the past, but in general that holds true more often than not.

This even holds true for things one would think would be easy anywhere (oh, if only that were true), case in point being today’s project. I bought a new hard drive for my Mac mini to replace the internal booting drive. I slapped the new drive into my NexStar bay, formatted it, and then used SuperDuper to make a mirror image of the existing drive. The whole process took about 5 mouse clicks and 1.5 hours of waiting for the copy to complete.

Next I powered down the machine, popped off the cover, removed eight screws, swapped in the new drive, then reversed the process. All in all, the physical portion took about 15 minutes and that’s just because I was being careful to not break the plastic cover. Booting up the machine, I reset the PRAM (cmd-opt-P-R) and watched it then boot like normal.

Sure, this is a simple project relatively speaking, but the fact I had zero issues (well, except maybe the fact I had to reset the PRAM to boot, but that’s easy) just makes me marvel a tad bit over how much easier things have become in the past decade of computing. The horror stories I could tell doing the same thing on Linux in the mid-90s (admittedly also much easier now there too) could scare even the most fearless sysadmins.

Happy Sunday!



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