Out with the old, in with the new
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This weekend I finally got around to updating my website design again after a year since the last visual update. It seems it’s more or less become a once a year type deal. The old design just wasn’t doing it for me so I took the opportunity to scrap everything and start over.

With the new design I scrapped the dual Wordpress installation, one being for blog posts and other being for tweets, and instead have a single Wordpress install driving virtually the entire site. I also added a much heavier focus on code highlighting and image viewing, since that is the two biggest things I post about on this site.

I also decided to go with a more clean and polished template, which I purchased from Theme Forest instead of designing myself like I did last time. The price was very reasonable and the output, while not unique, looks very good in my opinion. Curious to see what others will say about it so shout off in the comments.

There still are a few areas needing polish, like general pingback appearance and comment / post CSS tweaks, but overall I am very happy for the little amount of work I put into it. In the process of putting the new design online, I also moved primary hosting of my blog from BlueHost to Aptana cloud. I’ll be posting a more in depth review of my experience with it in the near future.

In closing, here’s a screenshot of the old homepage for posterity:

Above the fold:


Below the fold (slightly different scale, the boxes did match up before):


Be sure and let me know your comments / criticism / suggestions!



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  1. Wow, quite an update! I like it.

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