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I’m constantly feeling like I am running 90mph to keep up with everything going on. I’m not complaining per say, but felt it would be prudent for me to figure out all the things I am involved in and then make a decision on if they are the most important usage of my time. I decided to break them down into two categories, work related and strictly personal stuff. The work stuff ended up being specific projects / tasks I work on while it seemed the personal stuff leaned more towards concepts and activities. Probably just the nature of what I am doing. So without further ado, here’s the list for the world to see:

Work Related

  • ConnectedTV team. This is my day job and rightfully consumes the most of my waking hours of probably anything else. I love my job and what I do, so the time spent here goes by without noticing sometimes.
  • Photography. This is the second most time consuming thing I do. “Snapping” photos doesn’t take much time one would think, but when you combine sorting, post processing, setup/teardown etc. it easily consumes much more time. I’ve done like 50-60 exec headshots, 40-50 non-exec headshots, countless corp events, and a ton more in the past year alone so this definitely does consume a lot of my time. I’ve been slowly scaling back on this, but might decide to scale back more aggressively still.
  • Evangelism. This is something I do in many forms, ranging from leading up an internal employee evangelism team to attending conference and other tech events. I’ve been to four major conferences this year alone (Mac World, SWSX, Web 2.0, IDF) with more coming. 
  • Point of contact. I am the point of contact on a lot of different things at Yahoo!, ranging from DHS/FEMA in disaster related things, to handling our Apple EPP relationship for North America, to the League of Women’s Voters since I maintain hosting for vote411.org
  • Working groups / committees. These vary from time to time, but I am usually involved in a couple at any given moment either inside Yahoo! or outside but Yahoo! related somehow. These range from stuff like the Green Coding Initiative, to our YEF Grants committee, to outside stuff like being on DHS’s NetGuard working group. 
  • Side projects / hacks. I’m always looking for new ways to optimize some process or fill a niche need of mine or others so I am constantly building up small side projects that I am working on or want to do someday.


  • Reading. Probably the single biggest consumer of my time outside work. I love reading and am constantly chewing through books. I think I have like ten I am flipping back and forth between on my Kindle now with over 100 more waiting to be started either on the Kindle or in printed book form.
  • Photography. Not just something I do for work, but also something I do for fun. It’s challenging and allows me to try and develop an artistic side.
  • Yoga. Except for the past two weeks (been injured from my last hike) I’ve been doing Yoga three times a week for the last two months. This is something I hope to resume very soon once my chest feels up to it.
  • Traveling. I LOVE to travel to new places. In the past year the new places I’ve been to are Cayman Islands, England, and Bonaire. I’m scheduled to go to India sometime in November for the first time and will be spending two weeks in Malaysia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpor, and Sipadan Water Village in March of next year. I’ve also done a lot of domestic traveling over the past year and will likely do more before the year is out.
  • Outdoor activities. Predominantly this involves scuba diving and hiking lately, but I also enjoy stuff like sky diving, water skiing, etc too, just not found the time recently.
  • Programming for fun. I always have some project or another I am working on for fun. This could range from working on my personal website, to building some twitter client, or coding for some platform I am passionate about (like OSX/iPhone).

As you can see from the above list, there isn’t a lot of activities (in the personal category at least) strictly related to just socializing or meeting new people. Maybe that’s why I am almost 30 and still single. Hmm, something else to think about.

I’m sure the above list isn’t all inclusive by any means either, it’s just what came to mind when I thought about it. So, now that you know where my time is spent, what consumes your time? Feel free to share in the comments or postback from your own blog.


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