JetBlue’s Twitter reply to me shows up in a video interview w/ Twitter founders
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Like certain friends of mine, I love seeing my name online on the web, when used in a positive way of course, and love hearing my name mentioned in conversation when people think I am not listening. Because of this, it’s no surprise when a good friend of mine sent me the following IM this morning, it brought a bit of a smile to my face:

iChat log with a friend earlier today

Of course I quickly had to go and watch the video and lo and behold I find he’s right! The Twitter @reply that JetBlue sent me a while back is fairly prominently visible as shown in this video:



For reference, here is the twitter thread:

Tweet #1 

Tweet #2

Tweet #3


Here’s a couple helpful links for more information in case you are curious:

So what is BetaBlue and what does Yahoo! have to do with it?

Photos that the guy from JetBlue was talking about.

Part of the project which is visible from the ground (since most is visible only from the plane) that I developed.

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