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Recruiters these days never cease to amaze me. I am constantly hit by a barrage of “crap”, and I do mean “crap”, on a regular basis. Take an email I received today, not sure what’s supposed to entice me in this, but here’s the email as sent to me:

Since you’ve communicated with [company name] in the past, I wanted to touch base and get caught up with you on your potential career advancement. We’ve been placing many of your Yahoo colleagues lately, and are currently working with many Yahoo employees on their passive job searches, both at the individual contributor level and Management/Director level. Based on these dynamics and the information we have gathered, it looks like the timing is looking better and better to get out of Yahoo! Even if Yahoo is trying to bribe you into staying with promotions, counteroffers, or severance packages, don’t be fooled. The smartest people will leave now. One example: we had a candidate making 160k at Yahoo that would have gotten a 1 year severance package if he stayed till after the Microsoft acquisition, but he still left and is happily placed at a much better company.

Consider this: Before the last round of layoffs, we were usually able to get Yahoo candidates significant pay raises and multiple offers. After the latest round, Yahoo candidates’ value has gone down because there are more of them available in the market and Yahoo has continued to lose respect in the industry. We foresee this trend continuing through the Microsoft Acquisition, when there will probably be another round of layoffs and voluntary departures of your colleagues..

This all means that the sooner you move from Yahoo, the better off you’ll be..

Please contact me as soon as possible so we can show you some better alternatives with much hotter companies/jobs. When you email me, let me know what’s new since the last time we talked, and what type of opportunities you’d like us to get you. The job market is very hot right now!

Do people really respond to this kind of utter crap? Especially when I have _never_ “communicated” with [company name] in the past? Apparently someone completely ignored my LinkedIn profile’s message because it’s recruiters like this that caused me to hate recruiters in general.

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