Finally updated my website!
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It’s been a long time in the coming, but I have finally updated my website. I’ve still got a couple pieces to finish porting to the new design, namely the photo and code galleries, and a couple things I need to build still but for the most part it’s now live.

The main changes are:

  1. New visual theme (pretty obvious to anyone who visited before)
  2. Homepage now shows a little “About me” and my latest blog post / latest three tweets instead of just dumping you into the blog directly
  3. Tweets are now clearly separated from blog posts. Blog posts remain on /blog while Tweets have now moved to /twitter. There are also separate RSS feeds for each now. If there is demand, I will make a combined feed, but as of now one doesn’t exist.
  4. (coming very soon) I am now hosting a photo gallery on my site. This will more or less be a portfolio of my work. You can still go to Flickr as always to see the latest stuff, but the photos here will be more hand picked and showcase my better ones.
  5. Bunch of backend management pieces + tons of automation
  6. Moved the site from to While Bluehost’s cPanel installation is completely horrid, their performance is so much better than Dreamhost it’s not even funny. On average, pageload time is an order of magnitude faster, but there has been times it’s been two orders of magnitude faster. I’ve had an account on both for quite a while, so will see which works best long term and adjust accordingly.

I’m pretty excited this is now live and hopefully more changes will be coming very soon. I have tested with all browsers that I care about personally (aka not IE6), but if you see an issue with your specific browser please let me know in a comment and I will be sure and take a look.



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