Still yodeling, but soon to be purple no more…
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Well, a day I have been stewing over for a few weeks now is finally upon me. This morning at the pre-dawn hour of 8am, my car goes in to have the wrapping removed. It’s a choice I didn’t make lightly and driving the yodelmobile will be a memory I will cherish for a long time to come.

To commemorate the last day, I asked two people I look up to and admire for all they have done, Jerry Yang and David Filo, to come and pose with me for a photo. Here’s two of the shots which can also be seen on Flickr:


My license plate will stay the same, IMAYHOO, and the horn will still proudly yodel on demand, but after tomorrow the car will be silver again as in this photo here:

Sad day ahead… :(

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