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This year I set a goal for myself of traveling somewhere at least once per month. So far, I am failing miserably at it due to extenuating circumstances, as I haven’t gone anywhere to speak of yet. Now that things are settling back down and progressing a bit, hopefully I can now find more time to work on that goal. Well, thankfully this weekend I did the first step towards completing my original goal, I booked a flight out of town to Austin, TX so I can go to SXSW next weekend and also visit a good friend or two. I’ve also sat down and thought more about that lofty new years goal and have decided to clarify it a bit.

So here’s the new goal:

I want to go to 12 places that I have never been to before and are more than 250 miles away from where I live before December 31, 2008.

Sadly, I’ve already been to Austin. With the reworked goal I am still not any further along than I was, so I am now in the process of making a list of places to visit which are moderately cheap weekend getaways. Since I have a good friend who is going to be in Boston the first week of April, I will probably go there then too as I have never been there. The same friend is going to be in Philadelphia in May for her brother’s graduation, so assuming she doesn’t mind I might fly out that weekend too being that the actual flight is the boring part. Hopefully the flight would be more fun then, even if we don’t hang out much in the destination city. I’ve also already booked a “real” vacation going diving in Bonaire for the first two weeks of June. But other than those two locations, I am sorta drawing a blank on locations which I have not been to and are appealing weekend getaways, ideally with good photo opportunities.

What are some fun places you know of which I might not think of to go to for a weekend? I would love to hear any feedback anyone is willing to share.

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