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This morning I logged into my “jeremyjohnstone_wificam” account on Flickr for the first time since I created it early last week and was greeted by a pleasant surprise. I had a new FlickrMail from eye-Fi support. The email can be seen here:

eye-fi support email 

As you can see in the email he finds my wifi network password issues “odd” and seems interested in helping. I’m extremely impressed as none of the common search queries I tried in several search engines returned anything related to my blog in regards to eye-fi (which is surprising in and of itself as much as Google seems to love ranking my blog highly for no apparent reason lately). I’ll follow up more with the guy via email later today and will be sure to post about the experience.

Is this a new trend among web company’s lately or something? Just last week a colleague of mine (Jeff Standen) posted about his experiences with Jira (follow up post) and promptly got a reply from an employee of Atlassian. If it is a current trend and not just two random coincidences, I for one like it.

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  1. Jeff Standen says:

    Yeah, both examples are impressive!

    It probably warrants a post about the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of social media regarding your projects (Technorati, Bloglines, Google Blog Search, Tweetscan, etc.)

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