Canon P&S + Eye-Fi + Photoshop + Actions == amazing results
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In an apparent attempt to prove a few friends right, I decided to show that it doesn’t matter what camera you use, you can still get amazing results with the right amount of effort and the proper tools. Last Friday I went to the city to attend Chrismukkah @ Slide. It was a great party and the free Lotus Vodka was one of the better vodkas I have had in recent years.

Free premium vodka can make any party good, but great parties even better

Instead of my usual gear, I decided to go light and just bring my Canon Powershot SD870IS point and shoot along with my Eye-fi card (reviewed previously here). While this camera might not be big and fancy enough to get called a “Flickr photo slut” like Terry Chay, I definitely am impressed with the results given the circumstances (a drunk me + low light).

Drunken photography doesn’t always have to be completely bad

In an attempt to see how far I could push those photos, I decided to break out Photoshop along with some new action sets and plugins I recently bought and see what could come of it. Here are a couple samples:



If you want to see the set of all edited shots (including an over the top edit of one including Jonathan Abrams), then go here:

I’ll be adding more edited photos to that above link as time permits. To see the original photos as uploaded from the camera, then visit this flickr set:

It’s good to experiment with new photo styles, you might learn a thing or two

Let me know what you think of this new (experimental for me) style of photo editing. I know it’s not something I will always use by any means, but it’s good to have versatility and be able to do a multitude of different styles, IMHO.

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