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While catching up on my blog reading this evening, I was reminded of the fact I haven’t blogged about Flickr’s new stats. Like Karen, I wouldn’t usually make a blog post on a single new feature to a website, but this is just to damn useful and kewl not too. Here’s my stats as of today:

My Flickr Stats 

Unlike my friend Terry Chay, I find a lot more value in the stats than just pure vanity and ego boost. Albeit I have to say my ego got a tiny boost when I saw he has only double the number of views I have even though he is a better and more well known photographer than me. I had expected his numbers to be more in like with Scott Beale’s Flickr stats. This has been in internal beta for a couple months now and I have been using it to learn who is referring traffic to my Flickr pages. It’s an amazing resource for learning where my photos are being used (when they do the right thing and link back to me that is, discussed in a previous blog post) and what types of things people are looking for when they arrive on my photos.

Not surprisingly, here is my most viewed photo:


Yahoo! Mail team with Liam 

It pops in and out of Explore from time to time which I have to say is damn kewl. My next goal is to have one stay there permanently in a solid position (aka < 100), but that might be a while before it happens. The majority of the rest of the photos in my top ten most viewed are all of Taylor Swift when she performed on campus. Those photos consistently are always in the left column too as well (aka Yesterday’s most viewed), so I don’t see them getting bumped out anytime soon.

I do find it humorous though that the #10 most viewed photo yesterday was:


Terry Chay and his trouser mac 

The look on the guy’s face behind Terry is definitely a possible reaction to one’s first time seeing Goatse. Too funny!


3 Responses to “Flickr Stats”

  1. terry chay says:

    That’s not a first goatse. They’re looking at my favorite nature photographs.

    I guess I’m not as good a photographer as you thought. :-D

  2. Jeremy says:

    hahaha! I’m curious, do you remember what actually caused him to have that look on his face?

  3. karen says:

    That most viewed photo is awesome. They should bring out that giant balloon for every event.

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