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Over the past year or so I have found a new hobby (some would say obsession) which has proven to be a great stress reliever and burnout preventer, photography. Sometime around August that new interest turned a bit more into a part-time job when I agreed to become the unofficial official PR photographer for Yahoo! and cover various corporate events and do PR headshots as needed. I’ve been gobling up gear, techniques, and experience ever since. Today I decided to do some headshots of myself and enlisted the assistance of several colleagues. Here is a sample of one of the photos (thanks to Angela for taking the shot for me):

Jeremy Johnstone headshot

In the interest of sharing knowledge (hopefully something I will do more often on this blog), here is the lighting setup used to take that shot:

Lighting setup diagram

As you can see, it’s a fairly typical four light setup with one key light, a hair light (which next time I will put on a boom), and two background lights. I also used a fill card to fill in the left side of my face a bit (reflected about F/5.6ish, but I didn’t measure so that’s just an guestimate). I’m extremely happy with the results and assuming my editor is willing, the black and white version (seen here) just might become the cover of my WROX book when it gets published.


3 Responses to “Finding new hobbies”

  1. Jeff Standen says:

    Hey Jeremy!

    I think that photo turned out fantastic (warm, with a genuine smile). As I mentioned earlier, I can also easily see that in B&W on the cover of one of your inevitable books.

    Assuming your equipment is insured against spontaneous combustion, I’ll have to enlist your help in looking human when captured on film. ;)

  2. Stefan Tell says:

    I agree with Jeff, it is a great portrait. Nice to find others that likes to document their setups. Thanks

  3. Marci Kuhnen says:

    Great post. Thanks, mate!

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