Cayman Islands Day #1
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Well it’s been a long long day so far but I can’t say I am disappointed in the least in how things are shaping up. My travels started last night at 10:30pm when I boarded a plane for Charlotte, NC. The flight wasn’t terrible, but let’s just say US Airways sure didn’t go out of their way to earn my money or loyalty. If it wasn’t for the fact they were several hundred dollars cheaper than United and still let me put my miles on my United frequent flyer account I would probably have never used them in the first place, though, so to be honest I wasn’t surprised by their quality of service. I did end up getting about two hours of sleep though, so it wasn’t all bad. Arriving into Charlotte at 6am, the airport was virtually deserted. Unfortunately I had a 5 hour layover ahead and was extremely tired. I made it through it reading blog posts and other piddling activities and then flew to Grand Cayman.

Stepping off the plane in Grand Cayman I was immediately hit with a wave of very humid air. Ahhh… Island air… Been a while since I’ve experienced it. It’s not so bad once you get used to it, but man, living in California for the past two years (aka very dry air) spoiled me a bit. This is when things started getting a bit more “adventuresome”. From Grand Cayman I had a flight to Little Cayman. The plane was a small twin engine prop job and a storm was brewing. We took off into the storm and were greeted with a fair amount of turbulence (I’ve had worse, but one lady did in fact get sick) and pretty spectacular looking lightning. Unfortunately, Little Cayman doesn’t have any radio beacons or runway lights on it’s runway (heck, it was a grass strip just a year ago) so the pilot wasn’t able to successfully pull off a landing. We then went on to Cayman Brac and ended up spending a little over an hour there riding out the storm.

Finally getting to Little Cayman, the guy is unloading the plane and overloads the cart trying to get as many as possible off in the rain. As luck would have it, which bag falls off the mountainous stack? Mine! Luckily it was my dive bag and nothing was hurt, but it didn’t improve my mood. The bad got worse then when I realized they had _left_ my other bag behind without telling me. Of course this bag had all my camera gear (well over $5k in gear) as well as my dive regs. The indifferent mood of the lady at the counter pushed me over the top and I probably took a bit too much of my frustration out on her. Tis is life I guess. Luckily my stuff “should” arrive on the next flight in tomorrow morning, but that does mean I will have to do my first half of the day’s dives with rental regulators (yuck!). I’m just hoping at this point that everything makes it in one piece.

Anyway, things thankfully improved immensely once we got to the resort. The place has a flat out amazing view, the rooms are very comfortable (something which will be greatly appreciated after a long day diving), the food is good, and to top it off the receptionist and the bartender are knock outs. Still not sure if either is single, but I’ve had good chats with Jessica (the front desk receptionist) so who knows. This vacation could end up being fantastic yet!

Enjoy the few photos I have taken so far. Sadly, all I have available is the 50-500mm lens I borrowed (with no camera to use it on) and my iPhone at the moment, but hopefully tomorrow I will have better photos to post.

Day #1 Photos:
Collection from whole trip:

More to come!

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