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I was surfing Wikipedia today doing a bit of research and stumbled across a reference to the Tower of Babel (amazing how side tracked you can get on Wikipedia from your original topic). Reading that page made me think of Babelfish again (a site I hadn’t visited in a while) and made me curious how the name was thought up (I had several theories, including this one). Again, looking on Wikipedia at this article I learned my guess was probably correct. You have to take most things on Wikipedia with a grain of salt after all, so we can’t be 100% positive. One interesting link on the Wikipedia article led me to this site, Lost in Translation. It’s quite humorous reading how badly repeated translations of phrases can end up. Here are a few examples, be sure and try it out yourself too!

Original Phrase: You can search the internet on Yahoo!
New Phrase: Yahoo! the Internet is probably necessary!

Original Phrase: I live in a white house with a green yard.
New Phrase: Alive creature in a white woman of the short house with a green one.

Original Phrase: There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
New Phrase: It has groups of the destruction of the mass in Iraq.

Original Phrase: Babelfish is an amazingly accurate translation service.
New Phrase: Babelfish is a work of the translation that surprises exact.

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