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As anyone who has read my blog knows, it’s been a very long time size I have written a blog post (almost a year to the day). I honestly don’t have a strong excuse for not posting, so I will just blame it on the fact I wanted to switch blog software. Turns out, it was more work than it’s worth to switch and I didn’t find anything else which was perfect for my needs, so I decided to just upgrade to WordPress 2.2 and kick myself back into blogging again. A lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post, so I will try and recap it slowly over the coming weeks. Probably the biggest piece of news is the fact I switched teams within Yahoo! two months ago. I’d finally reached the point where I thought a change was needed and warranted back in April of this year. After doing a little looking around in Yahoo!, I decided to join the Yahoo! Web Messenger team and work with an old friend of mine ([Ben Halsted]) who I had referred into Yahoo! about a year ago and a half ago. We had worked together previously at a company he cofounded (WebGroup Media / [Cerberus Helpdesk]) and I really liked the projects they were working on and thought Flex2 might be a nice break from PHP/HTML/JS work. Since then I have fallen in love with Flex for webdev purposes (will go into more depth why in a later post) and don’t regret the switch for a second. I used to run away from anything Flash based as typically speaking, sites are always slow, bloated, and well just “flashy”, but the new Yahoo! Web Messenger has given me faith that Flash can do cool things and do them fast. Anyway, I’ll be posting a bunch more from now on, so please check back often. Things might be a bit in flux for the next day or so (site design wise), but if you bear with me it will be smooth sailing soon.

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