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Was just reminded (sad I had to be reminded) that I somehow had forgot to write up a blog post on my new car. Back in the end of April (20th to be exact) I bought a 2006 Honda Accord V6. It has GPS navigation, XM satellite radio, and every premium option. Gas mileage, while not the best, is still far better than what I had before (19 in town / 28 highway according to the trip computer from my own driving). Here’s a photo I took shortly after buying it:

My new Honda

Many thanks go out to my Grandfather as he helped me out by co-signing the loan. Here’s a photo of him and I immediately after buying the new car:

My new Honda

To see more photos I took of the car, visit the following URL:

Yahoo! Photos Album of my car

There are a few features I miss having (like auto-dimming rearview mirror and automatic headlights), but overall I am very very happy with the car and would recommend one to anyone looking for a new car. They are very sporty, the navigation system is easy to use and can be a life saver (like when you get lost in the wrong part of Oakland at night after taking the wrong exit on the freeway), and the car is very comfortable to ride in. It also has plenty of trunk space so road trips are a breeze (while I doubt many backseat riders would do so again as the backseat is a bit cramped, but it is a coupe after all).

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