‘Writing Your Own PHP Extensions: How & Why from A-Z’ at OSCON 2006
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This year I will be speaking at a bit larger of a conference than last year. I was invited to speak at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland at the end of July. Looking at the topics list, it is sure to be a fantastic conference again this year. My talk is entitled “Writing Your Own PHP Extensions: How & Why from A-Z” and has the title would lead you to think, it’s all about PHP Extensions. In this talk I will give a beginners guide to writing PHP extensions explaining reasons for doing so, how to start, and where to go from there. Code examples will be abundant and won’t be your typical “Hello World!” type extensions either, so be ready for useable code which will let you hit the ground running. For updated scheduling information about when the talk will be, look no further than right here. For other great PHP talks, looks right here. As happened last year, look me up during the conference and I will try and hook you up with some free Yahoo! schwag. I look forward to seeing you all there!

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