IPC Power Workshops Day 1 – Sunday
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The morning started off with everyone meeting downstairs for breakfast. I was utterly amazed with the hotel’s wide selection of things to choose from. I doubt anyone could not find something there to eat and best of all it was free. After finishing up eating, the workshops began at 9am. As there was three all day workshops going on at once, I decided to float between them so I could share a bit on each one. You can find photos from throughout the day here: IPC Sunday Workshops or you can see photos from the entire conference here: IPC Fall Edition 2005.

The first workshop I sat in on was lead by Sebastian Bergmann (www.sebastian-bergmann.de). His workshop was about PHPUnit (more specifically PHPUnit2) and dealt with the broad subject of unit testing. Unfortunately his workshop was in German, so other than the code, I wasn’t able to understand the majority of it. After the coffee break at 10:15, I then proceeded to the DB workshop.

The DB workshop was lead by Lukas Smith (pooteeweet.org). His workshop basically covered the whole gamut of topics related to relational databases. It also did a great job of being as vendor agnostic as possible and showing features from all sides of the world of dbs. Some of the more interesting topics I heard where related to data normalization and the various forms of normalization and also some of the more advanced topics like constraints, triggers, views, and stored procedures. None of the information was new to me, but it was great to see it covered in a fashion that most inexperienced people could understand. Following lunch I then switched over to the PEAR distribution workshop where I would spend the rest of the day.

The PEAR application distribution workshop was lead by Tobias Schlitt (www.schlitt.info). His workshop focused on the pear packaging system and the various tools available to build packages. He did a great job of covering all the various intricacies of the PEAR package system including discussion on the XML package description format, how to create your own packages, and also some information on creating your own channels. I was pleased to see the information presented in a clear fashion which should help just about anyone looking to use the PEAR’s package/installation system.

We ended out the day with some good old fashioned beer drinking and dinner at a small place across the street. Other than the Internet connection in the hotel being a bit too unstable for my taste and the fact we are in the middle of nowhere, I would say the conference is off to a great start.


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