Wanna start your own ISP or mini datacenter?
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As anyone who knows me well would tell you, I have way too much stuff. Recently I decided enough is enough and have decided to get rid of it all. A week or two ago, I started the long process of making an inventory list and taking photos of everything. Take a look here (http://www.jeremymart.com/gallery2/) and you will begin to get an idea of what I am selling (although I still have a long ways to go in uploading photos). If you’re interested in any of it, leave a comment and I will get in contact with you. I don’t have a set asking price on any of it, so make an offer. No reasonable offer will be refused.

4 Responses to “Wanna start your own ISP or mini datacenter?”

  1. Let me guess. You also ran one of your own “Mom and Pop” type ISP?

  2. Jeremy says:

    I had my first dialup ISP customers in 1995 and first web hosting customers in 1998. I never grew over a thousand customers so depending on your definition of the phrase, I would guess that sounds about right, more or less.

  3. Bhinish says:

    Hi there,

    I was interested in starting my own data center, as I have plenty of office space and reliable verizon networking around me (i’m in an urban area). Do you still have equipment you’re selling? In your opinion, how can I start my own data center?


  4. Chris says:

    First of all opening a data center takes a lot of money, I’m actually in the process of opening one myself, but from experience in this from using other company hosting it can take from 200k to 200million it all depending from what your wanting to open, to even think about a budget on opening one you must think of getting a isp that will have t-1 and higher connections, 24/7 staff, that’s not incl the license for C panel and other open source web base OS systems, My advice is to start with a budget of how much your willing to spend on this

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