Well, guess I am still looking for places to live
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As it turns out, guess I was not approved for the lease. They strictly base their decisions on credit (and don’t factor in rental history at all, as I have perfect renters history) and unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of credit (never had a loan in my life). Even with a guarantor, their credit requirements are so high that someone with little credit like me doesn’t have a chance. So I guess that means I will be spending my weekend yet again looking for a new place to live :( . If anyone knows of a place in the Sunnyvale area which meets the following requirements, please be sure and let me know.

My basic requirements:

  • 1000 sq ft or more (ie 2 bd or 1 bd w/ office)
  • Central Heat & A/C
  • Washer/Dryer Hookups (or actual W/D)
  • Highspeed Internet available

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