Ever have Firefox gobble up tons of memory?
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If, like me, you have ever had Firefox consume tons of memory (300-500+ megs) after running for a few days, this may be the fix to make your month. I had already determined that I believed it was caused by Flash, but hadn’t had much luck in finding what to do about it. A colleague, who experienced this same frustration with Firefox, just sent me this link. I haven’t had enough time to fully test it yet, but hopefully this may be the end of my troubles with Firefox. Here are the instructions from the post:

1) Type about:config into the location bar and press enter
2) Right click any line to bring up a sub-menu
3) Choose “new”>”integer”
4) paste this into the dialogue that appears: browser.cache.memory.capacity
5) Next click Okay
6) Specify the amount in kb (about 60000 should do) in the next dialogue that appears
7) Restart Firefox and happy surfing.

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