Weekend in San Diego / Mexico
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This weekend I decided it was time for me to get some bottom time in. Thankfully, Dive Connections in San Diego had a sale going on this weekend on a boat trip to the Coronado’s Islands in Mexico. Driving down to San Diego was an adventure in and of itself. Traffic was just utterly horrible! I personally think they should expand the I-5 from it’s existing 4-6 lanes in each direction to something like 20 atleast.

Arriving in San Diego at the dive shop, I get all checked in and haul all my gear down to the dock. After waiting for about an hour and a half past the time the boat was supposed to be there, we then learn that the port engine blew on it’s way back from the morning trip and they were canceling the dive and were giving us vouchers for a future trip. Not satisfied with driving 100 miles (over 2 hours in traffic) and not diving, me and a two others from the boat go over to another dive shop near by.

OEX Diving was able to accomodate us and we went out to the HMS Yukon and the Ruby E wrecks. Both dives were about 70-80ft averaging (second a little shallower) and we dived for about 25 minutes each time. The Yukon (more info) was very ominous looking with it’s heavy list to the port side. Sea life was basically non-existent except for the beautiful white anenome’s on the sides of the ship. Our second dive was on the Ruby E (more info). I enjoyed this dive a lot more because the water was a bit clearer (about 15ft vis at depth) and because the wreck was sitting straight up and down it was easier to navigate along. Me and my buddy swam through one of the swim throughs in the wheel house and took turns taking photo’s of each other (my camera flooded on the first dive, so hopefully I will get copies of the pictures via email). Overall I would say both dives went pretty well and were very enjoyable.

That evening I had dinner at the docks (awesome fresh fish taco’s) and had a few beers with the divemaster and one of his buddies. Not feeling like driving back to OC, I ended up spending the night in San Diego. Waking at sunrise, I then proceeded to check with Dive Connections to see if they had space on the morning trip to Coronado Islands (the place I was supposed to go to the day before which was canceled). They did have a spot open, so I quickly loaded my gear and we set off for Mexico. The trip took about an hour and a half.

Arriving at the Coronado Islands (more info), we are greeted with beautifully clear waters and tons of sea life. After diving in and decending to 30 ft, I start to get a little sick to my stomach. I decide to surface and before I can make it back up, I loose my breakfast. Not something very pleasant to have happen underwater. For some reason, I was having severe acid reflux all day, which proved to be a bigger issue to diving than I had originally thought. After deciding there was always another weekend, I kicked back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. All in all it was a very relaxing morning.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring my Rebel on the trip today, so the only photos of the islands are via my cell phone. Funnily enough, even though we were out in the middle of the ocean in Mexico, my cell phone still had reception via some Mexican GSM provider. To see the few pictures I took on the trip, visit the following URL:


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  1. Jeremy Johnstone says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only Jeremy Johnstone, it’s funny to think there’s another one out there. I actually used to own this domain 4-5 years ago, back when namezero.com offered free .com domain redirection with an annoying banner ad (wasn’t anything a little javascript couldn’t take care of). I’ve been out of the webdesign game myself for a few years, but the sheer coincidence that you have the same name as me and take a similar interest in it is amusing to say the least.

    I went scuba diving myself when I was in cancun a few years ago, it was only 25 ft but it was an amazing experience. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to repeat it since I live in Winnipeg Canada, which is about as far away from either coast as you can get. Lake diving just doesn’t appeal to me as much.

    So yeah, if ever I need someone to take the blame for credit card fraud or something I’ll know who to call. :P (just kidding)

  2. Jeremy says:

    There are atleast four other Jeremy Johnstone’s that I know of (not including you, even though I knew of you).

    Thanks for the comments (and the tip to keep a good alibi at all times ;) )

  3. Jeremy Johnstone says:

    You knew of me? Have I come by here before and made a similar comment, or did you see my old site?

    Or are you just like me, perusing search engines for your namesake out of boredom?

  4. Jeremy says:

    The later, perusing search engines.