4th of July Weekend
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Although I have been back for 2 days now, it took every bit of that long to upload all the photo’s I took. I decided to hold off posting until the photo’s were done uploading, so now that that is done, here’s the events. The trip started off with a flight on American West Airlines through Phoenix. I can say without a doubt it definitely is one of the worst airlines I have flown on, but atleast they got my luggage there safely, so I can’t complain to much (take their 40% ontime rate on some flights as a fact, not a mistake). Arriving in Wichita, I was greated by my mother and Grandfather. After waiting for my grandmother to return from a trip of her own, we went off to Mulvane. The following day I helped my folks move from their house they sold into a new apartment. Friday morning we left for my parent’s lake house on Table Rock Lake and spent the next 5 days enjoying boating, fireworks, and just general relaxing in the beautiful weather. Tuesday I returned back to Wichita and spent that night and the following morning with old friends. Wednesday evening I had a rather uneventful flight back to Long Beach Airport which atleast partially redeemed America West for the trouble of the prior week. To see pictures from the trip, take a look here:


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