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This weekend I decided I wanted something to parse my Gmail account and show some statistics parsed from it. Thankfully from a few examples I found, this was pretty easy to do. After finishing that in about an hour or two’s time, it then dawned on me I had never finished a project I started to put a code “gallery” online so others could see code snippets (like the aforementioned Gmail parser) I write from time to time. I then decided to finish up that code gallery and quit making excuses about why I hadn’t finished it. If you visit the following URL:

you can now see my code gallery. The Code Gallery doesn’t use any DB backend (parses XML files for the info), and isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but it serves my needs. Right now it only includes the Gmail Parser code (PHP5 only) and the Code Gallery’s code itself (quick and dirty PHP4 code), but I plan to add additional items as time permits. Please feel free to share your opinions either via the comments system or in an email to me.


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  1. Daniel Bair says:

    I am looking for a file:
    “You can set up your mail server to pipe mails from your Sprint PCS camera phone to gallery through the script.”
    The link was:

    Do you have this file?


  2. Jeremy says:

    The code hasn’t beeen touched in a long time (July, 2004) and I no longer have Sprint service (Was through a previous job), so I can not make any guarantees if it still works. Having said that, the link to download the old code is available here:

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