Long time overdue – Conference Day 3
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After an entirely way to long time, I am going to post the wrap up to the conference. I apologize for the delay, but other obligations have kept me busy.

May 4th

I started the morning off with Dan Scott’s interesting piece on DB2. It really opened my eyes to some of the potential for DB2 in PHP and thus is something I will seriously keep in mind for the future. Do to a scheduling mixup, Dan’s presentation didn’t start on time, but I felt he did a good job of overcoming that and I applaud him. The next session of the day was of course mine. I feel the presentation went decent, but I covered some of the material too quickly. Overall I would say the session was a success, but it was definitely shorter than it was supposed to be. Later that day (and since then via email) I have received numerous questions and a couple thank you’s so hopefully most enjoyed the session and possibly learned something from it. If anyone else needs further information and hasn’t emailed me, please do not hesitate to contact me! I then went to Ben’s session on PHP-GTK desktop applications. Although he didn’t really cover anything new to me, I know a lot of people in there did learn a lot from talking after the session, so again, it was a good session. After lunch, Andre, Jani, and I went to Derick’s session entitled “Dominating the World”. It was a another very informative session on PHP Internationalization. I would make sure and check the photo’s in my gallery for that session, as I do have a few humorous ones of Derick while he spoke. The conference was a lot of fun and very informative at the same time. Hopefully I will be going back to the fall edition (if not as a speaker, atleast as an attendee), so I look forward to seeing you all there again.

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