Conference Day 2
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May 3rd:
Today was spent almost exclusively at the conference. I started the morning off with a very informative speach given by Andrei on PHP & Unicode. The work they are doing to bring true Unicode support to PHP is nothing short of awesome. I can’t wait until this gets added into the main branch so more can play with it.
I then attended Andrei’s second presentation of that morning, this time on PHP-GTK2. Of course I already knew a lot about what’s happening on PHP-GTK2 because of my involvement on the lists and with my new entry into the documentation team for it, but man some of the stuff coming literally blew me away. The ability to have tree’s and tables dynamically redrawn based on changes to a data store are long overdue. For those of you who know Java, think JFace/Swing. No longer will you have to add and remove rows manually each time the model changes, you can simply update the model and the changes are reflected instantly in the display. Another thing which caught me by surprise is custom cell renderers. You can now put virtually anything inside a table cell. My wheels were already turning at this point thinking of the next app I will write using PHP-GTK2. I highly advise you checkout Andrei’s slides to see all that is instore for the future.
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