Conference Day -1 / Day 1
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May 1st:
Arrived into Amsterdam only to find everyone had already met up and left for the city. I took the opportunity to spend some more work on my slides and presentation, and catch up on a little sleep. Overall not much happened today.

May 2nd:
Met up with Andrei and got to meet Derick Rethans for the first time in person at breakfast. We decided that instead of attending the power workshops we would take the opportunity to explore the city more. We first headed off to the Van Gogh musuem. I was extremely pissed they didn’t allow camera’s there. I can fully understand banning flashes, but banning camera’s all together is a bit much IMHO. I got to learn a lot more than I had known before about the famous artist, so all in all it was a good experience. It also did a good job of killing time while it poured outside (which it seems to alternate between rain, cloudy/cold, and sunny/hot every couple hours throughout Europe). We then later toured the city by foot seeing all the architecture and design of the city. I had a great lunch of authentic Dutch food (according to Derick). Essentially it was like a thick veil soap fried into a breaded shell, then served on bread. I also had one with shrimp instead and it was really good too. I can’t remember the exact name of it, but I am thinking it was something like croquette (sp?), but I could be totally wrong. Later that day we had apple pie at some world famous place. I have to say it was some of the best apple pie I ever ate. We then wrapped up the evening with more site seeing and of course the obligatory pub stops to “sample” the beer.


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