Passport finally arrived!
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Of course there is nothing like waiting to the last minute to apply for your passport before leaving, but thankfully my passport arrived today! Now as long as my EuroRail tickets make it (UPS and I don’t get along, and of course they are shipped UPS) I should be set! Will be interesting to see if they can correctly ship something for once. It always did amaze me how they can stay in business with the horrid delivery routes they take. Take the route my train tickets took for example:

Redmond, WA -> Seattle, WA -> Portland, OR -> Des Moines, IA -> Dallas, TX -> Ontario, CA -> Anaheim, CA

For a two day air shipment, it probably spent most of it’s time on a plane and not in a truck, so why would you want to fly something half way across the US (tacking on an extra 3,000 miles) when you were already less than a 1,000 miles from the final delivery location the day before?

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  1. Roger Freemantle says:

    Jeremy, just remember – we drive on the left in England and use £ Sterling, not Euros. Speeds are in mph but we pay through the nose for petrol (gas) in litres. Apart from diesel, nearly every car takes ordinary unleaded at aroung 88 pence per litre!!! Diesel is aroung 94p per litre. National limit is 70mph but usually 30mph in towns. There are speed cameras everywhere – be careful! Have a great trip!

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