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Posted in Twitter on October 31, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-31

@Quynhism ummm!? in reply to Quynhism # The Things He Carried – Magazine – The Atlantic: http://♶.ws/bp3dCh — man I wish we'd all rise up and put an end to this insanity! # I can have a 25ft toslink cable delivered on Monday for <$10 _including shipping_ !?!? So ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on October 30, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-30

@ConnectedTV Does this Toshiba Net TV run Yahoo! Widgets? If so, it's on sale for 50% off today only on Amazon: # All other rice krispie treats aspire to be as yumtastic as these are: — Super super rich, but oh so worth it! # My iPad ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on October 29, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-29

Always fun when you have that ah ha! moment and realize something you had puzzled over for a while. # @KuraFire GitX is pretty nice, but I still use the cmd line 95% of the time. in reply to KuraFire # @Adora yeah, I really got hassled on that one too once. in reply to Adora # @Adora I ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-10-28

Awesome dinner last night @ Paramount # The warmth of the light from the sun is so inspiring here @ Paramount # I just wish the iPhone could pull extremely bright highlights better @ Paramount # OH: "Ama ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-10-27

@grahamhancock yep, that's the #2 cause for me. It's very annoying, so hope it doesn't last long for ya! in reply to grahamhancock # Why do people call you, ones who really want you to call them back, insist on calling from blocked numbers? I hate executive recruiters! # @rcke ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-10-26

Apparently I can't favorite (aka bookmark) tweets today. "Authentication Failure, Invalid Signature". Am I alone? # @seanherron are you using a client or the web? in reply to seanherron # @tenbus_uk thanks, no surprise website would work when API would fail though. in reply ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-10-25

1/2 mile of Sisal rope 8am on a Sunday, $12. Piece of mind knowing your belongings are safely secured in the truck, priceless. #MasterCard # The "problem" with "hiring" friends who are expert tetris players? I'll probably be hauling a truck up at 75% capacity. Hope ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-10-24

Bad news, just realized my alarms were all set for weekdays only. Good news, I just woke up a good 45m before the first peeps get here. FTW! # I'm so amazed how much I got done last night. Pretty much everything bigger than could fit in my trunk is now ready to be loaded in truck. # E ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-10-23

I'd do just about anything to be here right about now: http://♶.ws/9VWuTy — come on fairy god mother, make it happen please! # @ratkins considering pizza hut, KFC, and taco bell are all owned by the same company, not surprising you will find them collocated together. in repl ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-10-22

@macgasm I'm just baffled that this keeps happening to Apple. Do they seriously not have a trademark review team or do they just not care? in reply to macgasm # @macgasm seems wasteful. I can understand why they wanted iOS so badly, but there are good alternatives to Launchpad I'd ... Continue Reading