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Posted in Twitter on July 31, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-07-31

Just learned there's a _massive_ beehive in my garage wall. You can really feel the wall vibrating even! # @davglass @slicknet me neither… in reply to davglass # @yipe the owner of the condo complex is paying someone to liberate them and move them to a safe new home. in reply ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-30

@RandomHacks core team having dinner and drinks. (@ Tied House w/ 2 others) # I bet I'm so in the dog house, the two kitties are likely mad as heck as I've not played with them all night. # Hi, my name is Jeremy and I'm a WwF addict. It seems I'm appa ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-29

@heathercapri guess I'll start having to fly them a bit more often. in reply to heathercapri # @codepo8 Safari replaces the system WebKit which is deeply linked all over the OS (think IE on Windows). Chrome is "just an app". in reply to codepo8 # @heathercapri don't ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-28

Imagine: 12 core Mac Pro, 32gb RAM, dual 512gb SSD in RAID1, dual 2TB sata in RAID1, 4x 27" 16:9 cinema displays. # All that could be yours, or…. Down payment on a house A new sports car Or a trip around the world for two! Choose wisely # @katmigo &q ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-27

"If Twitter has value at all, it’s tracking trends, and the # people shocked by a refund for a Bumper is pretty self-explanatory" | @Macgasm # @sh1mmer where can one find this awesome sauce? in reply to sh1mmer # Why boat trailers exist: # I just earned ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-26

@ejacqui you're just saying that so they don't maul you to death next time you go to sleep! Smart move none the less. in reply to ejacqui # @pbur it's only $30 for both. Not sure they sell separately since it's so cheap anyway. in reply to pbur # @heathermeeker /me goes to ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-25

I guess it's possible, but every time I hear the @Toyota commercial claiming they spend $9 billion/yr on auto safety I feel like calling B/S # Funny thinking how much some people change in five years. Take @iTod for example: # @iTod hahahah. I'm sure a pseudo ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-24

Here's a small handful of shots from yesterday's YEF 2010 celebration — http://♶.ws/yef2010 # C/C superiority — "it makes me worry that maybe this discussion is about measuring penis size" /by @tychay # @VxJasonxV yes, I own xn- ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-23

@cheesycons "you're holding it wrong" … in reply to cheesycons # @macgasm meh… I'm over the MBAs now in this post iPad era even if it can do a ton the iPad can't. Wanna buy mine? in reply to macgasm # @macgasm ditto. Between my 13" MBP, my iPad, an ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-22

@zadr Not sure how you're getting those results. Here is what I get doing a similar process to that described: in reply to zadr # Bomb shell dropped. Now sitting back to observe and interpret the fallout. Best wishes and deep respect for those affected. # ... Continue Reading