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Posted in Twitter on June 30, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-30

Microsoft is a diamond sponsor of O'Reilly's OSCON this year? Is that new or did I ignore it in the past? # I seem to keep getting better at noticing big drop ops on WwF. Just played "inviting" for 95 points. FTW! Any new challengers up for a game? # @VxJasonxV as long a ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on June 29, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-29

@chadcat post about Apple yet the video isn't playable on Apple mobile products!? in reply to chadcat # What's a good app for combining photos together on iOS? Prefer manual alignment so I can combine multiple screenshots together, for example. # @bonforte odd! Mine works perfectl ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-28

@sampullara I would literally do just about anything to get a monitor like that. in reply to sampullara # @mhedstrom thanks! in reply to mhedstrom # Maybe I am wrong, but when your baby is crying like the one is in an apt across the street, you're really doing something wrong as a p ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on June 27, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-27

Decided to put the #iphone4 camera to the test today and use it as my primary camera. # Playing the role of a tourist with @mrhalzy and extended family. (@ Alcatraz Cruises) # The detail and color in this photo is amazing. iPhone 4 FTW! # Kin ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on June 26, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-26

Four generations lined up together of a rather revolutionary family. Amazing the change they spurred on. # Well, just reserved my birthday present for myself. Something tells me I won't be able to walk on Monday after it. Totally worth it though! # @sh1mmer No ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-25

@jamiei I wasn't referencing myself specifically. I have several "nontech" friends who claim that now. in reply to jamiei # This man is my hero of the day. Took coffee orders at 5am and came back with the sacred juice as promised! # There is easily 500+ pe ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-24

@someToast easily one of my favorite movies of all time! # In my not so humble opinion, here's a fine example of 2 people who really know how to play Scrabble. /cc @adurdin # Anybody used one of these iPad stands? Seems pretty flexible, but curious on build q ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-23

@yipe so… In encroach on your baking so you start stepping onto my territory. I feel a food gang war about to begin. in reply to yipe # Can you imagine if Yahoo! Mail or Gmail or _even_ AT&T had the reliability of Twitter? Seriously guys, way to be the brunt joke of the net! # T ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-22

@mdhughes rofl!! I feel your pain man, I'm also reaching one of those dreaded years this weekend. in reply to mdhughes # @junelin you were at CandyBar on Saturday? Hmmm… what time? in reply to junelin # @jessykate Yeah for pretty charts which don't really tell you anything a ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-21

@mdhughes why on earth would you want usb3? FireWire is by far and away the better protocol for storage devices. in reply to mdhughes # It seems more and more everyday that Android is the modern version of Symbian. Highly functional, fugly, & fragmented. # @CocoaS ... Continue Reading